Independent studies


The goal of the Independent studies course is for students to get first-hand experience with experimental research. Note that the content of the Independent studies should be different from the internship. To start the course, the student should prepare a short proposal together with a supervisor. Students are encouraged to approach potential supervisors directly, but may also ask the course coordinators for help in finding a suitable supervisor.

The course coordinators for the CN Track are Dr. Luca Turella and Prof. Veronica Mazza.
The course coordinators for the LMI Track are Prof. Marius Peelen and Prof. Sang Ah Lee.


Before the student starts the Independent studies course, the supervisor of the project should send a short proposal to the course coordinators. This proposal should include:

  • Name and contact information of the student (email);
  • A brief outline (couple of sentences) of the topic and techniques used;
  • The involvement of the student in the project;
  • Approximate start and end date (incl. when the report will be submitted).

The student should be involved in at least 2 of the following 4 stages of an experiment:

  • study planning (e.g., literature review, designing an experiment);
  • preparation of a study (e.g. data collection, data processing);
  • design and implementation of a computational procedure;
  • data analysis.


The Independent studies course includes the writing of a report of the performed activities. The report should be about 1500-2500 words and has the following structure:

  • Scientific background (about 500 words): give a brief scientific background of the project, for example a short literature review or a summary of previous work on which your work builds;
  • Scientific report (about 500-1000 words): report the scientific results of your activities, such as the experimental design you came up with, the stimuli or program created, or actual empirical results;
  • Report of activities (about 500-1000 words): describe the activities that you were involved in, what you have learned, the problems you encountered, etc


Students will receive a PASS/FAIL grade based on an assessment of the report by the course coordinators, taking into account the assessment of the supervisor. 

Supervisor assessment

At the end of the course, the supervisor should rate the following 4 statements on a 1-7 scale (1: not at all; 7: very much), sending these scores to the course coordinators:

  • The student was actively engaged in the project;
  • The student’s activities were of high quality;
  • The student’s activities led to important advances;
  • The student’s report is of high quality.

For more information see the Independent studies regulations in the Download box.

Credits for experiments

The student can get up to 2 university credits (free choice activities) for the participation in lab experiments. The activity must comply with the following administrative procedures:

  • Fill in the appropriate form, including the description of the experiment (objectives, period, tasks, methods and tools), undersigned from the lab supervisor and from the Unitn supervisor (lecturer in charge of the experiment);
  • Complete at least 20 hours of lab activities for 1 university credit;
  • Submit to the Support Office for Students all the forms for the recognition of the credits.
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