The course aims to provide graduates with the tools to understand the complexity of global dynamics by focusing on local, urban, regional or national contexts, using quantitative and qualitative methods that characterize social and political research.

As public finances are increasingly under pressure, it becomes imperative to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in public policy. Effectiveness and efficiency depend, to a large extent, on the ability to understand the local context and its connection to the global processes affecting it. Developing this capacity is the central objective of the Masters in Global and Local Studies.

The course: Learning objectives

The degree course has two distinct tracks:

  • Policy advising – aimed at preparing those looking to the world of work as a public policy consultant (for example, as a policy analyst or advisor)
  • Community development and management – aimed at preparing those who looking to enter the world of work as a local project consultant (for example, as a community developer or community manager).

Course content

The degree course gives great attention to the development of of transversal skills and to internationalization, especially through initiatives such as:

Master's presentation

By professor Francesca Decimo, in Italian language