Level: Bachelor's Degree
Duration: 3 years full-time, starting from 2017‐2018
Language: English
Admission: public selection
Spring application
deadline: March 2018
Summer application deadline: July 2018
: September of each year
Number of first‐year students: 50, plus 10 places reserved for non-EU nationals satisfying entry requirements. 

Access to higher degrees and career prospects

CEILS graduates can either complete their education with a Master’s Degree, or immediately begin a career.

Graduates interested in continuing their studies will be in an ideal position to apply to national or international masters’ programmes in the areas of law, economics, political science, international relations and sociology.

CEILS graduates will possess a set of particularly valuable skills to access the international market of legal professions. Moreover, CEILS graduates could be employed in industry, services or trade sectors, as well as in public or non profit private organisations requiring international legal expertise. In particular, certain positions of legal officials or linguistic legal experts may be open to CEILS graduates.

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7 January 2019