Here you can find essential information about the organization of the course, class schedules, curricula, and course content, as well as how to register for exams.

Courses, credits

The study program consists of various educational activities (also called courses) such as lectures, seminars, labs, internships, projects, or thesis work, taught by one or more instructors. Courses and exams are spread across different years according to the rules outlined in the course's educational regulations.

Each activity is measured in ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System): 1 credit corresponds to 25 hours of student engagement, including individual study. Your study path ends when you have completed all required educational activities and credits specified by the course.

In order to complete the CEILS programme students must acquire 180 CFU credits ('Credito Formativo Universitario') by taking

  • 153 credits in compulsory exams
  • 18 credits in "elective activities"
  • 15 credits in "other activities".

Over the three years of the CEILS programme students will: 

  • take the exams according to their study plan and to the pre-required exams, as established by the Norms and Regulations of the CEILS programme.
  • reach the C1 level in English language, and thus acquire 6 CFU credits.
  • write and discuss the final thesis (6 CFU credits).

Class schedules and rooms, academic periods

Lectures take place at the course's location, the Department - Faculty of Law, Via Verdi 53, 38122 Trento

The academic year is divided into two semesters: each semester includes a period for attending lectures and another for taking exams.

The start of each semester's lectures and different academic periods, such as exam and graduation sessions,  festivities are indicated in the Academic Calendar.

Class schedules and rooms for lessons are published:

Curricula, Syllabi, and Professors’ materials

To find out which activities are planned for each year (both the mandatory and elective courses), as well as in which semester they are offered, check the document Teaching activities.

The Teaching activities from previous years are available on the Rules and Regulations page.

Programs for educational activities, professors, books and bibliographies and type of assessment are indicated in the Syllabus for each activity in UniTrento's Course Catalogue.

Learning contents and resources are published by professors in the Moodle Online Teaching courses.

Record book and Study Plan

The online Record book is the tool that contains all the approved educational activities in your study plan, including those you must complete and those you have passed, along with credits and grades. It can be found

You cannot take exams for educational activities that have not been approved in your study plan and are not listed in your Record book.

The Study Plan is the set of educational activities you want or must complete in your educational plan, and it must be approved before you can take exams: 

  • you must fill in it only during specific periods and following the deadlines and procedures described on the Study Plan of the degree courses of the Department Faculty of Law
  • you should check the Teaching activities to find out which activities are mandatory in your program, which ones you can choose, and the rules for selection.


Exams are the assessment moments held at the end of each educational activity. They take place during specific periods at the end of each semester and on predetermined dates (exam sessions). Some activities may have intermediate assessments (intermediate tests) before the final exam, during the lecture period.

Each period includes multiple exam sessions for the same educational activity.

To take exams and intermediate tests, you must:

  • be compliant with the Yearly enrollment for the current academic year
  • have your photo validated (it is required before exam registration)
  • have the educational activity for the exam listed in your Record book
  • have fulfilled attendance requirements, if required by the activity
  • register in advance for the exam session, during a defined registration period established by your study program.

Where to register for exams:

Each final exam is graded, typically on a scale of thirty with the possibility of honors (“lode”) and passing is achieved with 18/30, or it may be assessed as "approved" or "not approved."

When you pass an exam, you earn the credits associated with the educational activity, which are recorded in your Record book.

Exam results can be viewed in Esse3 or in the UniTrentoApp.


Enrolled students have the opportunity to access the tutoring service provided by senior tutor students, who are annually selected by means of a dedicated call.

University Library and Facilities

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