Enrolling students need to demonstrate that they meet admission requirements for the degree course, and are therefore required to pass several tests whose goal is to determine their knowledge in some discipline areas. In detail, applicants must pass a test in:

  • computer science
  • foreign language
  • maths

Students can sit tests before or after enrolment, based on the test plan published on the website of the Department. Maths test, in particular, take place twice a year, in September and December.

Students must pass the test by September in the year following enrolment. Students who do not pass the test by the deadline will be invited to consider other programmes of study. In any case, they will not be allowed to sit any exams until they pass the test.

Computer science test

Candidates must be proficient in personal productivity IT applications such as Open Office, Microsoft Office, etc, to ECDL level 4; during the course, students will improve up to the ECDL full qualification. Tests are organized by the University's ECDL Test Centre. Candidates are exempt from taking the test if they submit a certificate that shows an adequate level of competence (or equivalent qualification).

Foreign language test

Candidates must hold a B1 qualification in French, English, German or Spanish. Language tests are held at the CLA. Candidates are exempt from taking the test if they submit a certificate that shows an adequate level of competence (the list of equivalent qualifications is constantly updated by the Department).

Maths test

The topics of the maths test are:

  • arithmetic and elementary algebra
  • exponents and radical expressions and their properties; exponents with fractional values;
  • absolute value
  • polynomials and notable products
  • sum and product of fractional rational expressions
  • first and second degree equations
  • linear systems with two equations in two variables
  • inequalities and their properties
  • first and second degree inequalities
  • equations and inequalities with fractions
  • coordinate grid
  • the coordinate grid, equations of lines, circumferences and parabolas
  • parallel and perpendicular lines
  • a point belonging to the curve
  • curve intersections

Candidates are required to demonstrate that they have the above competencies in logics and mathematics in compliance with the requirements adopted by the Department and listed in the admission notice.

The Department organizes, in September, a two-week maths programme (40 hours) recommended to students to train for the test and to acquire the knowledge required to attend the maths course (which is a mandatory first-year course). Students who do not pass the test are invited to attend the maths courses organized by the Department of Economics and Management and by other University departments and re-sit the test at a later date.

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8 January 2021