The economy, markets, the business sector are rapidly evolving and those who want to pursue a career in the field must have a solid background in economics and management.

This programme is designed for ambitious students who are eager to learn and are planning to continue their studies up to a master's degree to gain high level expertise in this area.

In the academic year 2020/2021, the Economics and Management programme is available in two tracks:

  • Economia e Management - in Italian
  • Economics and Management - in English 

The new track in Economics and Management aims to select students who are interested in an innovative programme as regards teaching and course content, and have a strong international outlook. In this programme, in particular, quantitative subjects (maths, statistics), economic subjects and computer science are much more integrated. This approach will provide students with the knowledge and instruments required to process a considerable amount of data and information to be able to define scenarios, models and simulations that are essential for decision-making.

The English taught programme makes the offer of the Department of Economics and Management, which already includes master's courses in English, even more complete. With this track of Economics and Management, the Department now can offer a full programme in English from the undergraduate level to master's degrees and welcome students from foreign countries.

Course Objectives

Common course objectives

The two programmes have several goals in common:

  • provide a solid methodological basis in economic and management sciences
  • ensure that students master economic analysis skills to a proficient level, with emphasis on learning mathematical and statistical instruments in particular
  • encourage lifelong learning and knowledge innovation

Specific course objectives

For more information on the specific course objectives of the two courses please visit:

Course content - Economia e Management

Course content - Economics and Management

Career opportunities

Graduates can explore career opportunities in different areas to develop their full potential, thanks to the multidisciplinary knowledge acquired in their academic studies.

Graduates are ready to put their learning into practice in small and large companies, for example:

  • in general office positions
  • as organization and production control specialists
  • in intermediate positions in the finance and insurance sector
  • as marketing specialists

Postgraduate study

The course is geared towards postgraduate study so that students can make the most of the knowledge and methodological skills they have acquired.

The Department of Economics and Management offers a wide range of programmes, in Italian and in English, to choose from:

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16 June 2020