Compulsory language test and exams

B1 foregin language - Compulsory for each student

Whether you are enrolled in Economics and Management (track taught in Italian) or Economics and Management (track taught in English), you must pass a language test of your choice at a passive B1 level by selecting from English, French, German or Spanish.

You must pass the test within the first year of the course as it is a prerequisite to taking second-year exams.

As an alternative you can ask for recognition of an international certificate.

B1 English - Compulsory for Economics and Management (track in Italian)

Knowledge of English at B1 level is a course requirement.

Alternatively you can ask for recognition of an international certificate.

B2 English - Compulsory for Economics and Management (track in English)

Knowledge of English at a B2 level must be shownbefore the start of the first exam session. If this is not the case, no exams can be taken until it is possible to verify this knowledge either by international certification or passing the B2 English test at the University Language Centre (CLA).

You can attest your B2 knowledge of English by means of:

  • an international certificate, which complies with those accepted by the Department of Economics and Management
  • provisional documentation detailing the successful completion of an exam and the subsequent issue of the international certificate
  • self-certification that the upper secondary school education programme was taught entirely in English
  • declaring to be a native English speaker
  • self-certification of citizenship and/or residency in a country where English is the official language

The certification format must be communicated before the start of the academic year.

Ho to ask for recognition of an international certificate.


How to take the test at the University Language Centre

You can take the test at the University Language Centre (CLA), which organises the preparatory activities. In the guide contained in the Download Box, you will find information on the structure of the test and the periods when they are held.
See the Computerised test simulation.

Extracurricular Courses

The Department of Economics and Management offers the possibility to attend Extracurricular Courses (B2/A level in Language for Economics) in English, to facilitate access to international mobility programmes and improve existing language skills.

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