Compulsory language test and exams

Standard track in Italian "Economia e Management"

If you are enrolled in the standard track in italian ("Economia e Management") you must pass a language test of your choice at a passive B1 level by selecting from English, French, German or Spanish. You must pass the test within the first year of the course as it is a prerequisite to taking second-year exams.

During your academi career you must then pass a level B1 English proficiency test.

As an alternative you can ask for recognition of an international certificate, if you already have it.

Track in English "Economics and Management"

If you are enrolled in the track in English "Economics and Management, you must attest your knowledge of the English language level B2 by the beginning of the first exam session, in order to take the exams of the other eductional activities.

You can attest your English B2 level in one of the following ways:

  • by presenting an international certificate of knowledge of the English language recognized by the Department of Economics and Management (see attached documents)
  • by submitting provisional documents attesting to having passed the final exam and the subsequent issue of the international certificate
  • self-certifying that the upper secondary school course was taught entirely in English
  • declaring to be a native speaker of English
  • self-certifying that you are a citizen / citizen or resident in a country where the official language is English
  • take the B2 level English language proficiency test at the University Language Center.

How to take the test at the University Language Centre

The the language tests and exams take place at the University Language Center (CLA): the "Guida al Test d’ingresso e alle Prove di Conoscenza Linguistica Informatizzate" (i.e. "Guide to the Entrance Test and the Computerized Linguistic Knowledge Tests") and some test simulations are available on the CLA page What happens during the exam?

How to ask for language recognition

Ask for recognition of an international certificate, which complies with those accepted by the Department of Economics and Management, by sending a copy of the certificate through the Language certificates and English language requirement - Courses of study of the Department of Economics and management, Faculty of Law and School of International Studies open each year from Septemebr to June.

Extracurricular Courses

To help improve the language skills of its students, the Department of Economics and Management offers several English language courses; the offer is on the page English courses at DEM (in Italian only).

Reference teachers for English language at DEM 

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