• Level: Bachelor course
  • Language: English
  • Admission: selective with written examination
  • Location: Centre for Integrative Biology, via Sommarive 9, 38123 Trento (Italy).

Biomolecular science is the most rapidly developing area in science at the crossroads of the biological, chemical, physical and computational sciences. Over the past decade, important methodological and conceptual advances in life sciences have enabled the development of the so-called new biology, which is mainly based on the ability to “read” the cells at the molecular level, thanks to the increasing availability of genomic sequences of many species and to the possibility to determine, in a comprehensive way, gene expression profiles as well as the interactions between biological macromolecules. In addition, technological advances in genetic engineering have led to an increased capacity for designing and building new biological systems with applications in medical, environmental and industrial fields, attested by the growth of synthetic biology. Finally, the strong development of bioinformatics and computational biology is providing new tools for the management, interpretation and modeling of a constantly increasing amount of biological data.

The Bachelor of Science in Biomolecular Sciences and Technology (in Italian) is a three year program examining microorganisms, plants and animals in the context of the discovery, understanding, improvement and development of viable products or activities. The program is taught in Italian and is made of a core curriculum introducing the fundamental principles of molecular and cellular biology, biotechnology, microbiology, as well as societal and ethical issues in biotechnology and intellectual property. This course also provides students with key elements from many related areas such as physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics, as well as a range of experiences in research methods, data analysis and use of advanced instrumentation. Career options include biotechnological research, development and production positions in biomedical, chemical, food, energy, environmental, and pharmaceutical companies.

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