In order to be admitted to the postgraduate degree programme in Agrifood Innovation Management, applicants are required to have a Bachelor degree, specific curricular requirements and an English language level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)).

Requirements for admission

  • Bachelor degree in
    • L-25 Agricultural and forestry sciences and technologies (ex D.M. 270/04 or class 20 ex D.M. 509/99)
    • L‐26 Food sciences and technologies (ex D.M. 270/04 or class 20 ex D.M. 509/99)
  • or another equivalent bachelor degree obtained abroad


  • if the Bachelor degree is different from the above listed classes, applicants are required to have at least 66 University Educational Credits (CFU) in the following Scientific Disciplinary Sectors (SDS):
    • almeno 18 CFU nei seguenti SSD:
      AGR/01, AGR/02, AGR/03, AGR/04, AGR/05, AGR/06, AGR/14, AGR/15, AGR/17, AGR/18, AGR/19, AGR/20, VET/01, VET/02, VET/03, VET/04, VET/07, MED/49
    • almeno 18 CFU nei seguenti SSD:
      AGR/07, AGR/11, AGR/12, AGR/16, MED/07, MED/42, VET/05, VET/06, BIO/01, BIO/02, BIO/03, BIO/04, BIO/05, BIO/07, BIO/09, BIO/10, BIO/11, BIO/13, BIO/18, BIO/19
    • almeno 12 CFU nei seguenti SSD:
      MAT/01, MAT/02, MAT/03, MAT/04, MAT/05, MAT/06, MAT/08, MAT/09, INF/01, ING-INF/05, FIS/01, FIS/02, FIS/03, FIS/04, FIS/05, FIS/06, FIS/07, FIS/08, SECS-S/01, SECS-S/02, SECS-S/06
    • almeno 6 CFU nei seguenti SSD:
      CHIM/01, CHIM/02, CHIM/03, CHIM/04, CHIM/05, CHIM/06, CHIM/07, CHIM/10, CHIM/11, AGR/13, BIO/10
    • almeno 6 CFU nei seguenti SSD:
      AGR/08, AGR/09, AGR/10, ICAR/06, ICAR/15, ING-IND/09, ING-IND/10, ING-IND/11, ING-IND/22
    • almeno 6 CFU nei seguenti SSD:
      AGR/01, ICAR/22, ING-IND/35, IUS/03, IUS/04, IUS/13, IUS/14, SECS-P/01, SECS-P/06, SECS-P/07, SECS-P/08, SECS-P/09, SECS-P/10, SECS-P/13


  • have English language level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference)
  • have basic knowledge of the Italian language.

All admission requirements are detailed in the Regulations of the degree programme.

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11 January 2021