The master's degree course in Bioengineering for Personalized Medicine offers a multidisciplinary training that combines the fields of biomedical, industrial and information engineering with those of medicine and biology.
The course of study is designed taking into account the current trends in the development of technologies and medicine. It thus offers training in step with the times and capable of transforming technological evolution into value for the patient, professionals and society in general.
Particular attention is paid to the development of modern medicine, where technologies and health services oriented towards the personalization of care according to the canons of 5P medicine are fundamental: precise, predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory, to which today the theme is added of sustainability.
In this context, the Biomedical Engineer is the main actor in the process of innovation of methods and products through:

  • understanding the functioning of complex systems, with attention to biological systems in physiological and pathological conditions;
  • the development of new equipment, systems and procedures for prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation, with attention to the issues of quality, safety and sustainability;
  • the study and research of innovative advanced materials for precision medicine in the contexts of advanced prosthetics (new prostheses, artificial organs, life support systems, aids and prostheses for the disabled);
  • the implementation of technological innovation in Health Services.

Full accreditation by the Italian Ministry of University and Research is expected by June 2024.