The Research Seminar - Journal Club (Esse3 code 145759, 3 credits) is a compulsory activity for all tracks.
To complete it, students must carry out two activities:

  • participating in at least 4 seminars in English organized by the CIBIO Department or external seminars, which are consistent with the study program.
    The seminars are advertised on the CIBO Seminars page.
    To receive notice about the seminars by email, please subscribe to the CIBIO-Seminars mailing list on Google groups.
  • Prepare the presentation (slides) of a scientific paper given to the lab members of the research group at which they do their internship or thesis (e.g., Journal Club).

Credit registration

Please send the documentation on the activity carried out to cibio [at]

  • screenshots of the seminars, if online, or the posters of the seminars signed by the speaker, if in-presence
  • the presentation file (slides)
  • the article of reference
  • the declaration of the supervisor certifying the day and place on which was held the presentation.

The Department staff sends directly to the Student Support Service the request for the recognition of the credits.

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5 October 2023