The internship is a period of training done by the student within the degree program, in order to achieve moments of alternation between study and work and to facilitate future career developments. The Master Program in Cognitive Science provides 15 credits (ECTS) for internship, corresponding to 375 hours of internship activities

To start the internship students must be enrolled in the second year and have already acquired 45 credits of the curriculum.

The internship must be consistent with the degree program and can be done in different modalities:

Internal internship at UniTrento

The internal internship is carried out in a CIMeC Lab or in another Lab or research group of the University of Trento.

To find information on the Labs and research groups at CIMeC, please check out the CIMeC Research Group page.

Starting the internship

  • Choose a Lab or research group and a university tutor (the PI who leads the Lab or a researcher). Agree with the tutor on the details of your internship (training modalities, objectives, weekly workload etc.).
  • Write a training proposal: this should be a short summary (about 1 page) of the project (research background, hypothesis, methods) and your role and learning goals (e.g. programming experiment, testing subjects, analysis)
  • Fill out the Internal internship preliminary form and have it signed by the tutor.
  • Fill out and submit the online application Beginning of the internal internship with the two documents attached.
  • Wait for the approval by the Internship delegate, professor Moritz Wurm.
application/pdfInternal internship preliminary form CIMeC(PDF | 153 KB)

After completing the internship

  • Write a final report structured as follows:
    • brief analysis of the activities performed in terms of organizational and technological/scientific issues, with specific motivations for any failure or partial achievement of the objectives of the internship
    • description of the objectives of the internship and analysis of their level of achievement
    • description of the activities carried out, of the methods and tools used.
  • The university tutor approves the final report and signs the Internal internship completion form
  • Fill out  the online application Conclusion of the internal internship with the final report and the Internal internship completion form signed by the university tutor.
  • After the approval by the internal internship delegate, professor Moritz Wurm, internship credits are entered in your record book.
application/pdfInternal internship completion certificate(PDF | 152 KB)

External internship in Italy

The external internship in Italy is carried out in a private or public company, institution or research center in Italy, other than University of Trento.

To start the external internship in Italy, please reach out to the UniTrento Job Guidance Officechoosing and starting an internship in Italy.

External internship abroad

In order to carry out a traineeship abroad students have to apply for an international mobility call.

The internship abroad must be at least 3 months long.

Internship regulations

application/pdfInternship regulations CIMeC(PDF | 256 KB)
application/pdfRegolamento attività tirocinio CIMeC(PDF | 315 KB)
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