The objective of the Master of Science in Computer Science is to form professionals and researchers with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Theory and lab classes rotate during the all course of studies. That is the reason why the Computer Science graduated finds a job quickly (two months, if not before ending the studies - source Almalaurea); this happens not by chance but because Computer Science jobs are on the top 5 list of the most wanted specialists in Italy.

The Computer Science course at the University of Trento offers some specific features, which makes it unique compared to similar courses of other Italian Universities; the standards of UniTN Computer Science courses are comparable to the standards of prestigious European and worldwide universities.

A strong drive toward Internationalization is one of the key factor that distinguishes Computer Science at UniTN. The Computer Science course offers the opportunity to enter the Double Degree Programme in the frame of the EIT Digital Master School; the student will spend one year in Italy and one year at the Partner University and, at the end the programme, he/she will obtain two Degrees recognized by both institutions and both Countries.

The connections with the industry is very close; just to mention IBM, which comes on a yearly basis to proffer their cutting edge products, and Microsoft, which has founded in Trento the only Bioinformatics research center of Italy.

The educational offer is currently being updated.

The educational offer is organized into two curricula, with different specialization areas:

Scienze e Tecnologie Informatiche

  • Data Science
  • Bioinformatics
  • Systems and Networks
  • Software and Service Architectures

ICT Innovation

  • Cyber Security
  • Software and Service Architectures
  • Embedded Systems
  • Human Computer Interaction and Design