Course offer, regulations, academic calendar, timetable

  • The Course offer ("Manifesto degli Studi" in Italian) lists the courses offered by the Mater's course during the academic year.
  • The Programme Regulations ("Regolamento didattico", available in Italian only) of the Master's degree indicates all the exams you have to pass and the rules you have to follow in order to obtain the Master's degree.
  • The Syllabus of each course is available at Esse3 > Didactic Activities, by selecting Dipartimento di Matematica as Faculty.
    In the Syllabus of each activity you can find information about its content, lecturers, bibliography, number of credits (CFU in Italian), specific prerequisites/rules (if any) and type of assessment (oral and/or written examination, papers, presentations, simulations...).
  • Timetable

Study Plan

In order to register to exams, the corresponding teaching and learning activities must be included in your Student Record on Esse3 (Career > Student Record). To enter teaching and learning activities (courses) in your Student Record, you have to fill in your Study Plan in the specific time windows (one for each semester). 
For further details, please see the page Study Plan of master’s degree courses of the Department of Mathematics, Physics, Information Engineering and Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Centre for Integrative Biology.

Examination Sessions

You can take an exam, if you have the corresponding activity on your booklet in "Esse3", only after you have registered to it online via Esse3 - reserved area > section Exams> Exam sessions.

Tutor assistants

  • Prof. Ivano Bison, email ivano.bison [at]

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