Compulsory language skills exam

During your degree course you have alternatively to pass:

  • Professional English for Data Science
  • General English level C1
  • General English level C2

How to take the language exams

Professional English for Data Science

Professional English for Data Science is achevied by attending (with compulsory frequency) and passing the seminar. For registration and more information see the page of the Credit Seminars.

Language exams at CLA

You can take the exam at the University Language Centre (CLA). You can enrol for the exam as shown on the CLA Exams webpage. At CLA the language courses which help you to reach the level required to take the compulsory language exam are free of charge.

How to ask for the language skills exams to be recognised

If you have an international language skills certificate falling within the certificates listed below or if you have already done in the past a language skills exam, you can submit the international language skills certificate or the statement of the language skills exam on the DSSR-Application for recognition language certifications and outside activity (professional or voluntary work, training,etc.) - Courses offered by the Department of Sociology and Social Research application form.

The language skills exams done in the past in a previous study course is recognisable only for the compulsory language skills exam and if passed within 5 years.

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11 December 2023