The final exam aims to verify the level of academic ability reached by the student at the end of the Master's degree course. It consists in drafting in written form and in English an original dissertation (i.e. "thesis" or "final paper") relating to a topic of the course of study and in giving an oral presentation, in front of an examination commission, with final evaluation.

The final paper aims to bring the student into contact with a topic of applied research or of research and development in Data Science and provides the opportunity for the student to contribute personally to the advancement of the sector.

The final paper can involve planning, or applied research or a case study, and must demonstrate mastery of the topics as well as the ability to operate autonomously in the field of the organizations that use Data Science. 

The supervisor can be chosen among all lecturers teaching on degree courses at departments involved in the Master’s degree course in Data Science, all lecturers teaching on the degree course itself and, subject to the agreement of course of the Coordinator of the Degree Programme, lecturers from other departments of the University of Trento.

The student may be required to make a "Confidentiality commitment" relating to confidential information, knowledge and materials which are not publicly accessible, which will be made available for the writing of the final paper or other final exam.

Internship and joint thesis

The final exam may include a period of internship or training activities relating to topics consistent with the study programme of the Master's degree course, which may be carried out at a university research laboratory or with an external body, public or private, which collaborates with the University of Trento.

Final papers carried out jointly by two or more undergraduates can be proposed. The Degree Program Coordinator and the supervisors involved will evaluate their admissibility on a case by case basis. If the proposal is accepted, the parts written by each candidate must be clearly distinguishable in order to guarantee the individual contributions of the students  both in the paper and at the final discussion.

External activities

To carry out activities outside the UniTrento location and related to the thesis projetc or with a particular course, a specific authorization in order to grant insurance coverage is required.

Graduation sessions and deadlines for final exam application calendar

Graduation sessions, deadlines and procedures for registering for the final exam and commissions are published at page Master's degree in Data Science.

Job Guidance proposal

The Job Guidance service helps to approach the labour market in different ways:

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