Didactic activities (lectures, parcatical, internship) are organized in two academic years (four semesters).
One CFU ('Credito Formativo Universitario') is worth one ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit and corresponds to about 25 hours, inclusive of class hours (6-to-10 according to the activity) and the hours for individual study.

Didactic regulations and offer, syllabus

In order to know which courses you can or must attend, please refer to the following sources

  • the Didactic regulations and related Subjects tables describes all the exams you have to pass and the rules you have to follow in order to fill in your Study plan and to obtain the Master's degree

  • the Didactic offer to find out which courses you must and can follow for your year in each semester.

The program of each course, the teachers, the bibliography, credist and type of exam are described in the Syllabus of each didactic activity, available on the Esse3 page - Search for didactic activities.

Academic calendar, class schedule

Academic calendar Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science

The class schedule are vailable on Easy Academy. They are update by the beginning of each semester:

Mandatory Safety training for students

Students have to complete the safety courses organized by the University of Trento, especially if involved in specific activities.

The two courses

  • General Training course
  • Specific training course - Low Risk

are mandatory for all the students enrolled in the programme.

The Specific training course - Medium Risk is mandatory for the students that carry out a Project work with laboratory activities or an "Internal Internship" and strongly recommended to all students.

Information on how the courses are held (online in self-learning mode or in person with a teacher), how to register or how to apply for the recognition of  previous safety courses are published on the page Safety training for students.

ECTS Seminars

The ECTS Seminars organized by the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science (DiPSCo) during the academic year 2022/2023 allows students to acquire credits as free choice courses (D) or internship (F) as stated for each seminar.
Complete information is available on the Department's website at the ECTS Seminars page ("Seminari di credoto", content available in Italian only).

Study plan

In order to register to exams, the educational activities must be included in your booklet by presenting the Study Plan.
You can fill in your Study Plan online only in two specific periods of the academic year and according to the procedures described on the page relating to the Study Plan for the course of the DiPSCo.

Exam sessions

You can take an exam (if you have the corresponding activity on your booklet in Esse3) only after you have registered on your Esse3 pesonal area (section 'Exams').

In order to know how to register to exams, please read

e-Learning and University Library

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