The University of Trento offers several opportunities for spending a period of time abroad in European countries and worldwide, for study, traineeship activities and thesis research.

All the types of program

  • Erasmus+ Study
  • Internship abroad
  • Bilateral agreements
  • Thesis research abroad

are explainded at the International - outgoing - programs page.

To find out when you can apply for each program, please see the following pages

Erasmus+ Studio: destinations, rankings and information for DiPSCo students

Students enrolled in a course of study with the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science can partecipate to Erasmus+ for study's calls for enjoying a period of study by a Partner University among the ones listed in the Erasmus+ Studio destinations (in Italian only).

The rankings are published, at the end of the selections, on this page.

If you already got the the Erasmus+ Studio scholarship, here you can find the the Grade conversion table ("Tabella conversione ECTS-trentesimi", in Italian only)

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28 March 2024