Security studies have long been important to analyse the challenges of international relations

From traditional ideas of security such as war, global conflicts and national security to non-traditional concerns such as energy crisis, migration and climate change, security studies represent a solid framework for the analysis of multi-level challenges to our global society.

The Master’s Degree in International Security Studies (MISS) provides the students with both theoretical and practical approaches to understand the dynamics of contemporary security, and to evaluate responses from national actors and the international community.


The Faculty includes experienced academics from both the School of International Studies in Trento and the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. All the faculty members have international research, teaching, or advising experience, and their fields of expertise range from international relations to political and moral philosophy and political science, from history to sociology, from international law to criminal and European Union law, from constitutional and environmental law to statistics, from human rights to economics.

Biodata and Publications of the Faculty