Handbook, outline of the curriculum, regulations, syllabus

The Handbook guide provides basic information on the organization and content of the course, contacts and services for students.

The Curriculum ("Manifesto degli studi") document includes all the courses offered for your course in the current academic year.

The Programme regulations (“Regolamento Didattico”) indicates all the exams you have to pass and the rules you have to follow in order to fill in your Study plan and to obtain the Master's degree. 

The Course Syllabus provide all information about course program, teachers, bibliography, credits and assessment. You can find your courses syllabus by searching them on Esse3 website in Search teaching activities page.

Academic Calendar and Timetable

Study Plan

In order to register to exams, the teaching and learning activities must be included in your Student Record on Esse3.

To enter teaching and learning activities (courses) in your Student Record, you have to fill in your Study Plan in the specific periods in Esse3 - Study plan -Career plan:

  • from 10th September to 10th October 2020
  • from 1st to 30th November 2020
  • from 1st to 31st March 2021

Only if you intend to choose an elective course other than those listed in Esse3, you have to fill in the attached form for the study plan,  clearly spelt out the reasons for choosing a non-MISS course must be clearly spelt out and submit the form to:

  • valentina.mistretta [at] sssup.it if you are a first year student
  • rosalia.amico [at] unitn.it if you are a second year student

Your study plan request has to be approved by the Coordinator.

Academic Calendar and Timetable

Examination Sessions

In order to take the exams you have to register for each course: for scheduling and deadlines please check the Exam session notice board.

Please note that this section is not entirely translated. For any doubts, please contact the MISS Office.

In order to know how to register for exams, please read the Esse3 Guide for International students

e-Learning and University Library

Scuola Sant'Anna


Tutor Assistance

Throughout the two years of the Master’s programme, students can ask for help and guidance from a dedicated tutor if and when needed.
SIS students can contact the tutor via e-mail at: tutor [at] sis.unitn.it


The teaching programme of the MISS may be complemented by an internship during the second year.

Before undertaking this activity, MISS students must

  • read the Guidelines for Internships, Summer Schools and Similar Activities
  • if required, strictly observe the Guidelines for research activities in risk areas ("Linee guida per lo svolgimento di attività di ricerca in aree a rischio", in Italian only)
  • fill in the Request for approval form and send it to rosalia.amico [at] unitn.it
  • obtain the approval of the Delegate for internships, Professor Alessandra Russo.

Activities that do not comply with this procedure, the guidelines and the UniTrento regulations will not be recognized.


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9 December 2020