All students have to do:

  • English from B2 to B2plus (3 ECTS) to be obtained during the first year at SSSA
  • English Language level C1 (3 ECTS) to be obtained during the second year at Trento
  • a second foreign language at B2 level (6 ECTS)

Detailed information on how the language exams are structured and for information on enrolment and recognition of certificates please consult the Guide to Online Language Tests for the School of International Studies on the CLA website.

How to do the language exams

You can take the exam (“prova di competenza linguistica” – test of language competences) at the University Language Centre (CLA).
Exams are held in 4 components: Listening, Reading, Writing components (online) and Oral components. You have to pass all three online components before you can enrol for the Oral component.
You can enrol for the exam using the “MyCLA” system. Enrolment opens one month before the date of the exam. The date of the oral exam is visible in the “notes” when you enrol for the online exam. Enrolment for the oral part opens only two days prior to the exam via the Esse3 platform.
You do not need to attend a course before taking the exam.

If you do wish to attend one or more courses you can enrol at the CLA on any extensive or intensive English language course up to and including C1b free of charge and on any extensive or intensive French or German or Spanish language course up to and including B2. You will have to take the CLA placement test before enrolling. See the CLA website for details of times and periods.

If you know or are studying Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese or Russian the University of Trento can organise an exam in these languages, free of charge, to certify you have the required level in all four skills. For more information on these language exams please contact Kate Riley, Delegate for Foreign languages: Catherine.riley [at]
Please note that while the University can organise B2 exams for Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian, currently the CLA offers courses until A2 in these languages.

Recognition of international certificates

You can apply for recognition of credits by uploading your certificate to the "Ufficio Offerta Formativa e Gestione Studenti" with the online application form, available each year from the end of September to the end of June.


For the English language only two certificates are recognized:

  • IELTS (no skills lower that 6 for B2 plus level, and 6.5 for C1 level)
  • TOEFL IBT (no skills lower than 23 for B2 plus level and 26 for C1 level) 

You should have obtained your certificate no more than three years earlier than the beginning of your first academic year

Alternatively, if you completed a bachelor's or master's degree entirely in English and wrote the final dissertation in English you should forward proof of this (Degree Diploma plus documentation clearly stating the degree is entirely in English) to the Coordinator for Languages, Catherine Riley for approval.

Second language

International certificates recognized by the University Language Centre are available on the CLA website
You should have obtained your certificate no more than five years earlier than the beginning of your first academic year. 

Alternatively, if you obtained your high school diploma, bachelor's or master's degree entirely in the second language in your study plan, you can present documentation (Diploma plus documentation clearly stating the Course was entirely in the second language) to the MISS Secretariat (sis [at]


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