Students of the Master’s Degree in European and international Studies (MEIS) and of the Master's Degree in International Security Studies (MISS) are advised to abide by certain rules and regulations regarding the various aspects of life at the School.


The teaching programme of the MISS may be complemented by an internship during the second year. Before undertaking this activity, MISS students must gain the approval of the MISS Board or the Internship Delegate, Professor Louisa Parks. The form can be downloaded at the bottom of this paragraph and must be submitted to the MISS Office: rosalia.amico [at]

For more information, please refer to the document ‘Guidelines for Internships’, or contact the Secretary's Office for the MISS at: rosalia.amico [at]

MISS will not recognise activities that are not in accordance with these guidelines, UnitTrento’s rules and regulations and that do not receive the preliminary approval of the MISS Board or the Internship Delegate, Professor Louisa Parks.


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2 March 2020