Compulsory language exams

MEIS students are required to demonstrate language proficiency at level:

  • B2 of a second language other than English and Italian (‘Second language workshop’)
  • A2 of Italian language (only non-Italian students)

as described below.

All students with none or basic language knowledge are advised to start studying at the very beginning of the Master’s course.

More in-depth information and advice are available every year on the MEIS student handbook at page Rules and regulations.

For any doubts or questions please contact the Second language Coordinator Kate Riley (catherine.riley [at] or Giacomo Pallante (giacomo.pallante [at] 

How to achieve the language requirements

To demonstrate their language proficiency, students can alternatively:

  • pass the Language Examination at CLA
  • request the recognition of certificates, degrees or diplomas.

Courses and exams at CLA

To reach the required level of B2 in German, French and Spanish and A2 in Italian (for non-Italians only) students can attend classes at the University Language Centre (CLA). The CLA also offers courses in Russian, Arabic, and Chinese but not up to the B2 level.

For the registration of the second language workshop or the Italian exam students must pass the Language Examination (‘Prova di conoscenza linguistica’) at the CLA. Exams are offered by default in German, French, Spanish and Italian, but Russian, Arabic, and Chinese exams can be arranged as well upon request.

Recognition of certificates, degrees or diplomas

Students with:

  • language certificates recognized by the University obtained no more than 3 years before the start of the Academic Year
  • a bachelor's degree (or higher) taught entirely in that language
  • for Italian language only: a high-school diploma (or higher) taught entirely in Italian

do not need to take the language exam but can request its registration by completing the online application Language certificates and English language requirement.

Students with certificates not listed among those recognized (e.g.: SIELE Spanish certificate) can ask the Second language Coordinator if they can be registered anyway.

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15 January 2024