Students enrolled in a degree course offered by the Department of Industrial Engineering involving the acquisition of type F and G, for Internship credits-ECTS (see Annex 1, "Allegato 1") are required to carry out such activities in accordance with by the Academic Regulations of the individual degree programmes.

The internship cannot be held on the same subject of the thesis.

The duration of the internship must be consistent with its training program, and with the number of credits required in the course (see Annex 1). The responsible of  the Department can authorize an internship with the acquisition of type F credits planned in the programme, only for an internship of at least 6 credits, which can be calculated in surplus (in part or in whole) .

Students have the opportunity to undertake a training activity not planned in the programme as specified in the Department Regulations for Internship (see download box - italian version only). In this case the credits are recognized in surplus.


The internship is a period of “working training” in a professional/productive body/company in line with the study plan of students, which allow them to test and enhance their knowledge: it is an important element of the professional training and the specialization contents, as well as a support to future professional choices. The traineeships:

  • are ruled by the Italian Law n° 196/1997 and the subsequent Ministerial Decree n° 142/1998
  • It can only be started after an agreement is signed between the University and the hosting structure
  • It is based on a training plan
  • It is unpaid
  • It is not a working agreement/contract
  • It can last between few weeks and up to 12 months
  • It is supervised by a university tutor and a company tutor, who support the students and are their guarantors.

Internship application

In order to activate an internship students must:

  • choose or ask the assignment of a university tutor to the Responsible of the Department
  • identify the company or the external institution (the internship will not be carried out in a company / institution managed by relatives within the third degree of kinship. The company tutor cannot be a relative within the third degree of kinship)
  • prepare the training project in accordance with the university tutor and the company tutor which will be  authorized by the Responsible of the Department for the activation of the internship
  • at the end of the internship the student must submit a final report.

If the final evaluation of the two tutors is positive, the internship will be registered and the credits recognized.

How to start an internship

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