Due to the change of teaching regulations and the activation of the master degree in Materials and Production Engineering for the academic year 2015/16, the courses of the first year of the master in Materials Engineering will not be offered, therefore only the courses of the 2nd year are offered. the master degree will cease from academic year 2016/17.

New Master Degree Course in Materials and Production Engineering: http://offertaformativa.unitn.it/it/lm/materials-and-production-engineering.

Materials science and engineering is the science that enables the synthesis and application of materials in everyday society. Nearly everything we use is made of a material that has been modified or designed by a materials engineer to perform better than it would without a little help from humans. Materials scientists and engineers develop new materials and ways to use them. The main goal of the MS in MSE is to create skilled professionals who can operate in the design, fabrication, and testing of engineering materials using cutting-edge technologies in both research and technological environments. The program covers all the main classes of materials and processing technologies.