The Master's degree in Materials Engineering provides students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of:

  • the processes, properties, development and applications of materials
  • the conception, design and development of innovative products
  • the management of the life cycle of products in line with the sustainability demands of the modern manufacturing industry. 

Through an interdisciplinary approach, the course aims to promote and implement the principles of sustainability and the circular economy.

Laboratory work, practical exercises, seminars on corporate culture will make the learning experience more engaging.

The classes are taught in English.

Students can choose between 3 different tracks

  • Manufacturing and Product Development
  • Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Engineered Materials and Biomedical Applications.

See the detail of each track on the Course content page.

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in double degree and excellence programmes with European and non-European universities and higher education institutions such as the EIT Master Programme on Sustainable Materials.
Graduates in Materials Engineering are trained to generate, lead and oversee technological innovation, can hold high-profile technical and management positions in areas that require in-depth knowledge of basic sciences and engineering, with particular skills in the design, development, characterization, production, use and management of the life cycle of materials.

Full accreditation of the programme from the Italian Ministry of University and Research is expected in June 2022.