Didactic offer

The Didactic offer of each course contains more information about the organization of courses, the compulsory preparatory exams, traineeships and stages and the final exam.

Didactic offer - a.y. 2019/2020

Didactic offer for students enrolled a.y. 2018/2019

Didactic offer for students enrolled a.y. 2017/2018

If you enrolled in previous academic year, you can find the Didactic offer in the Rules and Regulations page.


The Course syllabus provide all information about course program, teachers, bibliography, credits and assessment.
You can find your courses syllabus by searching them on Esse3 website in Search teaching activities page.

Study Plan

With Study Plan you choose the teaching activities you want to include in your course of study (courses, laboratories, internships, etc.), based on Didactic offer and Didactic regulations. More info are available on Infostudenti website at page Study plan deadlines and how to.

Instructions for elective and additional courses:
The student must acquire at least 50% of the credits of elective courses choosing from the academic activities offered by the Masters’ degree programmes of the Department of Industrial Engineering.

The student can add to the study plan additional courses  for a maximum of 12 credits (these credits cannot  be not part of the GPA and cannot be recognized afterwards).

Schedule and Calendar

Schedule changes will be notified

  • through the application "Orari e aule" ("Schedule and classrooms", Italian version only)
  • or with a notice on the bulletin boards, also available online at Today's notices page.


Examinations sessions: Exam session notice board

In order to know how to register to exams, please read the Esse3 Guide for International students.

In order to enroll for language exams please see the Department Language Programmes on CLA website (University Language Centre) at the Exams page.

e-Learning, University Library and access to the reaserch laboratory of the Department


Tutors provide help and informations both on the general organization of the University and its administrative services and to face the study of specific subjects.

You can find your tutors' contacts at Contacts page.

Tutorship for MSc Degree in Mechatatronics Engineering


All students that did not received the Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Trento are invited to attend a specific area tutoring course on basic knowledge required to proficiently attend the courses given in the MSc Degree in Mechatronics Engineering.
The 16 lectures are scheduled of one hour each from 8:30 to 9:30 in room A217 Tuesday and Thursday of each week of the first semester starting from Tuesday 18th of September 
The remaining lessons scheduled on the calendar till the end of the semester are dedicated to  extra arguments or in-depth discussion of specific topic as requested by student attending the tutorship lectures.
Le lezioni di tutorato saranno tenute in lingua inglese. Sarà inoltre attivato un corso nella piattaforma Google Classroom dove sarà possibile interagire con i docenti e sarà reso disponibile il materiale delle lezioni, esercizi e la pianificazione delle lezioni. Il codice di accesso al corso in Classroom verrà fornito durante la prima lezione.

The tutorship lectures will be given in english. Additionally a corse will be activated in the Google Classroom platform where students can view the content of each lecture, download the material (eg notes and exercises) and interact with the lectures. The code to access the course in Classroom will be given in the first lecture.

For any further information please write to mattia.piazza [at] studenti.unitn.it (mattia.piazza [at] studenti.unitn.it)

 or francesco.biral [at] unitn.it

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