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Proposte tirocini - Internship proposals
Proposte tirocini - Internship proposals
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Students who want to do an Internship should read the Department's Regulation, available in the download box.
In order to activate the internship an to have further information please contact Job Guidance.

Reference professor for Internship: Sebastiano Mariazzi.

Research period in external institutions

Students who want to spend a research period (not recognised as internship) in an external institution in Italy have to ask the Secretariat of the Physics Department to activate the insurance policy.
One week before the student has to bring to the secretariat:

  • support letter of the supervisor (fac-simile)
  • acceptance letter of the hosting institution (fac-simile)
  • brief description of the research project (one page, free format)

For research periods aborad please refer to Mobility Office (mobility-st [at] and see the dedicated webpage.

Internship opportunities

The internship proposals are available at Department of Physics Internship page.

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27 November 2023