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email: tutor-collina [at]

Student's Representatives

Students participate to the university's life and advancement through the work of their representatives, which are always available for questions and suggestions. They also evaluate student's proposals and ideas, then bring them to the attention of the competent organs to improve the services and the didactics.
The student's representatives' job is to uphold the interests of the students of the Centre, particularly during the Consiglio di Centro (Centre Council) and the Comitato Paritetico per la Didattica e i Servizi agli Studenti (Joint Committe for the Didactics and the Services to the Students). They constituite an elective delegation with a mandate of two years. As members of these organs, they have the right to vote on every matter pertaining to the didactis (course manifest, exams calendar, …). They help the students who desire to know in detail the content of a course, its difficulty level,...

Students are invited to actively cooperate with their representatives either by meeting them in person, writing an e-mail ( [at], or by visiting the official online platform. How to log in the platform for the first time:
(1) use the link on the right to log in as UNITN
(2) sign in to the platform by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page
(3) read and accept the terms and conditions.
After the first login, only the general area will be available, from the second login the area reserved to CIBIO's students will be available too. Please read the content of the 'ReadMe' for details on how to use the platform.

Right now, CIBIO student's representatives are:

  • Amadori Alessandra
  • Calzamatta Giulia
  • Carletti Matteo
  • Concini  Anna
  • Novi Inverardi Giovanni


Enrolments, tuition fees, renewals, transfers, study plans, graduation sessions:

Student Support Office
via Sommarive, 5 – 38123 Trento (Povo) Italy
Phone +39-0461 281567
Fax +39-0461 281663
supportostudentipovo [at]

Opening hours

  • Monday and Friday 10.00-12.00 free access
  • Wednesday 14.30-16.00 with online booking

Erasmus, Double degree, international mobility:

International Activities Staff
via Sommarive 5, 38123 Povo (Trento) - ItalyTN
Phone +39 0461 28 3236-3237-1864-3976
mobility-st [at]

Scholarship, accommodation and student card:

Opera Universitaria di Trento - contacts

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