This Master's Course trains graduates with a high level preparation in the field of social research. Working as a sociologist requires advanced knowledge in the main fields of sociological theory and methods and techniques needed to carry out research in on the social world. The complex nature of social phenomena requires specific skills to analyse, study and research this field.

Graduates master logic-conceptual tools and the resulting theoretical and methodological skills required in the different phases of social research:

  • tabling of hypotheses;
  • the preparation of a research plan suitable to test the hypotheses;
  • data collection techniques;
  • analysis and interpreting of quantitative and qualitative data.

The study plan is marked by a concrete approach to research, through the use of laboratories and credit seminars, aimed at acquiring the methodological and technical skills needed to carry out the analysis. At the same time students acquire the sociological theories needed to analyse the world, as well as the philosophic bases of social sciences and the statistic-economic characteristics of the social world. During their second year students further study methods to carry out political and historical research and further specialize according to their personal interest, choosing among the numerous elective courses made available by the Master's course. Students are encouraged to spend a study period at other European universities, also in the framework of international agreements.

Testimonial by Filippo Gioachin, Master student

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