Course of study Reference-Professors

President of the Master's Degree
Prof. Enrico Rettore

Prof. Giolo Fele
Prof. Stefani Scherer

Reference-Professor for Orientation: Prof. Daniela Sicurelli
Reference-Professor for Internship: Prof. Enrico Rettore
Reference-Professor for Disability: Prof. Jack Birner

Students' Representatives

Anna Plazzotta, e-mail anna.plazzotta [at] (2017-2020).


General tutoring 
The tutors can help you with administrative issues e.g. study plan, final exam procedures.
You can ask for the tutor:

  • directly, as you can find them on Wednesday from 10 to 13 at the Department of Sociology and social research 
  • by email: tutor-sociologia [at]

Specific tutoring 
Some tutors can help you facing mathematical and statistics exams.

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1 October 2018