The course is a two year Master's programme in Sociology and Social Research providing 120 ECTS (credits) and full-time commitment.

The first year is entirely devoted to theoretical and methodology courses offered to all students that cover not only sociological methods, but also interdisciplinary methods for historical and political research. 

The second year provides students with a sociological specialization through elective courses, internship, thesis seminar and thesis drafting for final dissertation.

First year

Compulsory courses
Course ECTS
Research Design 6
Research Design Lab 3
Quantitative Methods 6
Quantitative Methods Lab 3
Qualitative Methods 6
Qualitative Methods Lab 3
Research Methods in History 6
Research Methods in Political Science 6
Elective courses, Theory and Sociological topics: choose 1 of the options listed below
Course ECTS
Economy and Society 6
Culture and Society 6
Elective courses, Interdisciplinary fields: choose 1 of the options listed below
Course ECTS
Public Opinion Research 6
Cultural Analytics 6
Language skills: choose 1 of the options listed below
Course ECTS
Seminar "Advanced English for Sociology" 3
English language C1  3 + 4 "free exams" credits
English language C2 3 + 4 "free exams" credits

Second year

Compulsory courses and activities
Course ECTS
Mobility and Social Transformation 6
Free exams and/or Credit seminars 12
Internship or other vocational-oriented activities 9
Thesis Seminar 3
Thesis 18
Elective courses: choose 1 course for the first year and 2 courses for the second year
Course ECTS
Advanced social network analysis 6
Communication, science and technology 6
Cultural sociology 6
Digital social data 6
Economic and labour sociology 6
Language and society 6
Lifestyles and consumption practices 6
Social demography 6
Social inequalities and education 6
Social policies & life-course dynamics 6
Social stratification and mobility 6
Sociology of collective action 6
Sociology of generations 6
Space and culture 6
Welfare & labour economics 6


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