During your degree course you have to pass the exam Language skills - English level B2 (3 credits).

You can also take exams in other languages or exams in English at a higher level than required for your degree course. Any credits for these exams come from the credits reserved for “Other activities”.

You can take language exams at the University Language Centre (CLA) where you can also attend language courses which help you to reach the level required to take the compulsory language exam are free of charge:

If during the bachelor’s degree course you got recognition for an international language certificate, then you can ask for the compulsory language skills exam of the Master’s course to be recognised.

The international certificate must have been awarded within the last five years  of making the request for recognition, unless the certificate itself has a different and shorter expiry date.

This kind of recognition only applies to the compulsory language skills exams.

It is not possible to recognise a higher level than the level required for the compulsory language exam of the Master’s course even if the exam was taken or the certificate was awarded at a higher level.

The number of credits awarded depends on the language and the level reached.

If you have a language certificate that is recognised by the Department of Sociology and Social research you can send it by email to the Student Support Service (see contact in the footer) to ask for the exam to be recognised.

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11 July 2022