What is an internship and what is it for

An internship is a training period with a company or professional body which is relevant to your studies; it represents an opportunity to broaden the knowledge you gain during your degree course studies, an important contribution to your development and a support for future professional choices.

In particular an internship is a useful experience for:

  • recognising the importance of a theoretical basis in the productive processes and experimenting in practice with knowledge as a work tool
  • understanding the complexity of the world of work and acquiring the first skills for managing this complexity.

The internship:

  • carries max 10 ECTS for the  Master’s degree courses of the Department of Sociology and Social Research 
  • can last at most 12 months
  • requires a university tutor and a company or academic tutor who follow you through this experience and with whom you agree on the training plan for the internship
  • is free of charge
  • is not considered a form of employment.

The Internship regulations are only available in Italian.

Internship application

You can decide whether to do:

  • an internal internship at the university (including at the Department of Sociology and Social Research, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and the “opera Universitaria” (student services body). To activate an internal internship send an email to stage.srs [at] unitn.it , indicating whether you have already decided what you would like to do and giving the name of a reference tutor.
  • An external internship at an organisation of your choice 

During the internship you have to write an diary following the Internship diary ("Diario di stage") template.

Internship closure

For the closure of the Department of Sociology and Social Research internship, you are asked  to submit the required documentation through three webform.

Step 1

Fill in the webform DSRS -Internship closing - Phase 1.

Upload the following documents:

  • “Certificate part one of internship” (available in your Esse3 private area) signed by business mentor and by you
  • the “Final internship report”

Once the form is filled out, the Job Guidance office will issue the “Internship part two certificate” on your Esse 3 private area: you must sign it and have it signed by your academic tutor.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is required only for external stage.

Once the certificate part two of internship is signed by your academic tutor, upload  it to the webform DSRS - Internship closure - Phase 2

DSRS Student Questionnaire

Fill in the DSRS - Internship evaluation - Student questionnaire.

Once the form “Phase 2” is filled out, the system automatically sends an email to the business tutor inviting him or her to fill out the “End-of-internship evaluation questionnaire”.

As soon as the tutor has completed the evaluation, you will receive a notification. Then the internship office asks for approval of the internship by the Programme's President, in order to record the internship credits in your booklet.

Internship abroad

For internships abroad please see the page Going abroad  Department of Sociology and Social Research.

Postgraduate internships

You can also do an  internship up to a year after graduating. For more information please see the page Internship and work placement opportunities | JobGuidance

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12 September 2023