The course is active only for students who are already enrolled, in order to complete their career.

Due to the changes in teaching regulations and the activation of the Master of Science in Information and Communication Engineering, the admission in the Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering is not possible anymore, however the Master's Degree Programme will remain active for the enrolled student in order to complete their studies. 

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Telecommunications Engineering includes all the essential subjects that are usually required by ICT companies.

While the three-year Bachelor in Electronics and Telecommunications is mostly focused on basic engineering topics, the purpose of the M.S. program is to create professionals able to use state-of-the-art technologies in both industrial and research environments.

The M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering offers specializations in Multimedia Communication, Networking, Electromagnetic Technologies, Electronics and Pattern Recognition/Remote Sensing. Most classes include laboratory sessions in order to give students not only a sound theoretical background, but also practical skills. This combination allows them to find a job very quickly, sometimes even before the end of the program. The teaching staff includes both professionals working in ICT companies and Professors with an international background. All classes are taught in English in an international environment. Indeed, about 20% of the students come from abroad.