The internship is a training period carried out by the student within the course of study, in order to experience an alternation between study and work in the training process and to favour future career choice. It has the purpose of allowing direct knowledge of the working world and new and/or innovative aspects of professionalism, technology and work organization.

The internship can be done, accordingly with the course of study, in two different ways:

  • Internship, within the University
  • External Internship, in a company or outside entity (commonly called "stage")

Before starting the internship, students must have achieved the minimum number of credits:

  • 90 CFU for three-year university degree
  • 30 CFU for Master of Science courses

Internal internship

The internal internship is a period of training designed to integrate knowledge acquired during the university studies and to help students with their future career choices, but, unlike the external internship (stage),it is carried out within the Department or within an entity cooperating with the Department.

Internship activation:

  • ​Make sure you have achieved the minimum number of credits:
  • Choose and get in touch with a teacher to ask his/her willingness to supervise the internship
  • Agree on the topic and the activity program with the supervisor
  • Fill in the ”Internal Internship preliminary form” (available in the download box) that will attest the beginning of the internship and submit it to the Student Support Office in Povo.

Internship completion:

  • At the end of the internship the student must submit a final report that will be approved by the supervisor with the form “Internal Internship completion form)” (available in the download box). The student is exempt from submission of the final report if the training is an integral part of the elaborate work for the final exam.
  • The “Internal Internship completion form” and the final report must be handed in to the Student Support Office in Povo within the scheduled deadlines for documents submission for the graduation session.

External internship

To begin an external internship:

Note: Internships carried out at FBK are considered external.

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Delegate for Internship and Stage activities: Dr Luca Turchet

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