The criteria for definition of the composition of the final exam committee, of the procedures for submitting applications and of the final score, which is expressed in hundred-tenths (possibly cum laude), are established in the Final Exam Regulation.

External activities

To carry out activities outside the UniTrento location and related to the thesis projetc or with a particular course, a specific authorization in order to grant insurance coverage is required.

Graduation sessions and deadlines for final exam application calendar

The final exam is in two moments:

  • the Master’s thesis defense, which is the presentation and discussion of your Master's thesis in front of the Final exam Committee
  • the statement of graduation, immediately after the thesis defense, when the Final exam Committee officially assign the Master’s degree title

Graduation sessions, deadlines and procedures for registering for the final exam and commissions are published at page​ Master’s degree Sociology and social research Department.

Committee and day and time for the defense and the statement of graduation are published a few days before the date of the discussion in the news of the Department of Sociology and Social Research.

Job Guidance proposal

The Job Guidance service helps to approach the labour market in different ways:


You can apply for graduation grants:

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