Didactic regulation and Didactic offer

The Didactic regulations (“Regolamento Didattico”) indicates all the exams you have to pass and the rules you have to follow in order to fill in your Study plan and to obtain the Master's degree:
Didactic regulations - Master of Science in Mathematics 2017 (Italian version only). 

The Didactic offer document includes all the courses offered for your course in the current academic year.

If you enrolled in previous academic year, you can find the Didactic offer in the Rules and Regulations page.


The Course syllabus provide all information about course program, teachers, bibliography, credits and assessment.
You can find your courses syllabus by searching them on Esse3 website in Search teaching activities page.

Study Plan

With Study Plan you choose the teaching activities you want to include in your course of study (courses, laboratories, internships, etc.), based on Didactic offer and Didactic regulations.

More info are available on Infostudenti website at page Study plan deadlines and how to.

Schedule/Timetable and Calendar

Schedule changes will be notified

  • through the application "Orari e aule" ("Schedule and classrooms", italian version only)
  • or with a notice on the bulletin boards, also available online at Today's norices page.


Examinations sessions: Exam session notice board a.y 2016-17

In order to know how to register to exams, please read the Esse3 Guide for International students.

In order to enroll for language exams please see the Department Language Programmes on CLA website (University Language Centre) at the Exams page.

e-Learning and University Library


Tutors provide help and informations both on the general organization of the University and its administrative services and to face the study of specific subjects.

You can find you tutors' contacts at Contacts page.

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