The Law Degree aims at forming experts in the field of law over a five-year programme.

Besides training students in the traditional legal topics (Italian law in its various aspects: private law, public law, criminal law, etc…), the Faculty of Law of Trento is characterised by a distinctive transnational, international and comparative approach. “European and Transnational Comparative Law” is the title of the curriculum offered, which allows students to develop the necessary tools to combine the study of the Italian Law with the study of the European and International Law, and to learn how to analyse the dynamics of integration and cooperation between different legal systems.

The five-year Degree in Law is the mandatory requirement to access the traditional legal professions (such as lawyer, magistrate, notary). However, it also provides the necessary education for the pursuit of the career of in house lawyers or for the enrollment in public service at a local, national, European or international level (for instance, a new and interesting profession is that of the lawyer-linguist at the EU). 

The five-year Degree Programme in Law can contribute to the education of other type of professions associated with law. It opens career opportunities in the fields of journalism or banking, volunteering and cooperation, in professions related to the protection of cultural and environmental heritage, in the field of information technologies applied to the legal sciences, such as e-commerce and online legal databases, and in the field of bio-law.

Possible professional roles