The Course syllabus provide all information about course program, teachers, bibliography, credits and assessment. You can find your courses syllabus by searching them on the Handbook.

Study plan

With the Study Plan you choose the teaching activities you want to include in your course of study (courses, laboratories, internships, etc.), based on the Handbook for Students. More info are available on Infostudenti - Study Plan.

Schedule and Calendar


Students are required to register online and to have inserted the activity in their electronic career record, in order to be admitted to the exam. The registration is compulsory and has to be done online in Esse3 at least 3 working days before the exam:

Changes will be notified on the page "Variazioni esami".

e-Learning and University Library

External activities

To carry out activities outside the UniTrento location and related to the thesis projetc or with a particular course, a specific authorization in order to grant insurance coverage is required.

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