Compulsory language exam

During your studies you have to acquire 6 credits of advanced language skills, by attending the Advanced English for Global and Local Studies ECTS seminar.

You can take the language test as a non-attending student, if you already have advanced language skills.

Non compulsory language exam

You can also take other language exams, which are not compulsory, by attending the courses offered by the University Language Center (CLA):

  • the language skills must be level C1 for English or above and B2 or above for other languages
  • the credits will be part of the free choice courses.

If you already have a language certificate recognized by the Department of Sociology and Social Research, you can send it to the Students' Support Service per email for credits recognition:

  • 4 credits for English C1 or C2 and for other languages ​​level B2
  • 6 credits for other languages, level C1 or C2.

Language certificate must have been taken within 5 years.

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18 November 2020