Final Thesis

The final exam for Master’s Degree courses (18 CFU) consists in discussing an original dissertation in English submitted as a written document, on a subject proposed by the student.
The dissertation shall be written under the supervision of one or more lecturers, of which one must be chosen among the faculty of the Department or among the professors involved in the programme. It is up to the supervisor, before the graduation session, to introduce the work of the student with a brief presentation.
Students can defend their dissertation only upon completion of all required course work, in order to graduate.

Students are required to deliver to the Secretariat of the Department the Request for the Dissertation Topic at least six months before the graduation session. The form contains information about the activity related to the final exam carried out by the student and the approval of the supervisor.
The request is submitted to the approval of the Teaching Board in monthly meetings. The period of six months will start from the Teaching Board approval.

Further information are available at Final exam regulations.
The failure to complete the course work results in an invalid final exam.

The activity related to the final exam can also be carried out at an external organization/company.
In this regard further information and needed documents can be found at Research/learning activities related to the final exam carried out at an external organization/company.


Graduation calendar and procedure

You can find the final exams calendar, deadlines and procedures at this page: Infostudenti > graduating

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