Tutoring activities

All the students enrolled in the University of Trento may take advantage of the general tutoring, which consists in activities of orientation and support to access the University, its services and administrative procedures, the Department/Center and the Opera Universitaria, also for international students.
For further information, please see page contacts.

Specific tutoring activities

During the Academic Year 2022/2023 the tutoring activities will be held from October 5th 2022 in the Room A219 at Polo Ferrari 1:

  • on Wednesday from 17.30 to 19.30
  • on Friday from13.30 to15.30.

Timetable of the Tutoring in Mechatronics Engineering.

In the Google Classroom Platform the Course Tutorship MSc Degree in Mechatronics is available with

  • Calendar of the topics dealt with
  • Didactic material
  • Possibility to interact with teachers
  • Videos of the lectures given in the Academic Year 2020/2021

The access code to the Classroom platform will be given during the first lecture or by contacting directly the tutor Laura Zampieri (email laura.zampieri-1 [at] studenti.unitn.it) or the supervisor Francesco Biral (email francesco.biral [at] unitn.it)

Once a week a questions and answers sessionewill be organised through Zoom platform: the timetable and the link will be posted in the Google Classroom.

Videos of specific tutoring lectures on basic topics for the Master sudents in Mechatronics Engineering are available in the Youtube channel in the playlist "Basic tutorials for Mechatronics".

This material is supplemental with respect to the standard tutoring lectures.

For any further information please contact Laura Zampieri (email laura.zampieri-1 [at] studenti.unitn.it) or the supervisor Francesco Biral (email francesco.biral [at] unitn.it).

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