The Master's Degree in Information Engineering will be active starting from academic year 2023/24.

The Master's Degree in Information Engineering, delivered entirely in English, is a newly-designed programme, which leverages inter- and cross-disciplinarity to enable the development of professional careers in the following areas:

  1. Communications Engineering, dealing with disciplines related to advanced communications and networking infrastructures, for ground, aerial, and satellite communications, including radar and remote sensing technologies
  2. Computer Engineering, dealing with analysis, interpretation and protection of multimedia and multimodal data, like images, videos and sounds, as well as the design of web services, fog and cloud computing, blockchain, distributed systems
  3. Electronics Engineering, to address issues related to the design and implementation of computing architectures, such as analog systems, sensors, microelectronic devices, high performance and GPU computing solutions, as well as embedded system with low-power computation abilities;
  4. Biomedical Engineering, to investigate Bioengineering and Biomedical Signal Processing foundations and correspondig applications use-cases, including sport and robotics.

The Master is open to EU and non EU students.
At the University of Trento, it is the natural continuation for graduated in ICE (Bachelor's Degree in Computer, Communications, and Electronic Engineering), including the very same specialization areas plus the Biomedical Engineering curriculum, as requested by the labour market.

The course provides substantial laboratory experiences, projects, seminars - from both academia and industry - as well as internship opportunities with our research partners, to further develop and strengthen the scientific and communication skills necessary for a rapid entry into a fruitful professional career.