The internship is a period of professional training, carried out by the student as part of his/her university career, in order to create opportunities of alternation between study and work and to facilitate future career choices. Its purpose is to promote direct knowledge of the world of work, of new and / or tendentially innovative aspects of the professions, technologies and organisations.

The internship can be carried out, compatibly with the course of study, in two different ways:

  • Internal internship at the University
  • External internship, or training internship in a company or external body (commonly also called "internship")

Students regularly enrolled who have acquired a minimum number of credits, unless justified and approved by the Department Council, can access the internship. The minimum number of credits is:

  • 90 CFU for Bachelor's Degrees
  • 30 CFU for Master's Degrees.

The internal internship is a training period carried out within the Department to which the student belongs or within an institution that collaborates with the Department itself.

Students who intend to carry out an internal internship must follow the procedure below:

Internship activation steps

Students who intend to carry out an internal internship must:

  • Make sure you have acquired the minimum number of educational credits
  • Identify and contact a professor to ask for his or her willingness to supervise the internship
  • Agree on the topic and the program of the internship with the supervisor
  • Fill in the "Internal Internship preliminary form" form certifying the start of the internship and deliver it to the Ufficio Supporto Studenti in the Scientific-Technological Area. The "Internship start certificate" form is not required if the internal internship is related to a thesis work.

Internship conclusion steps

At the end of the internship period students are required to:

  • write a "Final report of the internship" and fill the "Internal internship completion form" signed by the supervisor. The "Final report" is not requested if the internship is an integral part of the thesis work for the final exam.
  • deliver the "Internal internship completion form" and the final report at the Students' Support Service - Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Information Engineering and Computer Science by the deadline for registering for the Final exam.
application/pdfInternal Internship preliminary form (ENG)(PDF | 115 KB)
application/pdfInternal internship completion form (ENG)(PDF | 71 KB)

External internship

To begin an external internship:

  •  Make sure you have achieved the minimum number of credits
  •  Follow the procedure provided by the Job Guidance Office at page Start an Internship

Internships carried out at FBK are considered external.

For internship opportunities abroad and within the Erasmus+ Program, please refer to the Traineehsip abroad page.

Delegate for Internship and Stage activities: Dr Luca Turchet