The hallmark of the Master’s programme is its strong multi- and interdisciplinary approach, which gives students the opportunity to transcend the confines of traditional academic disciplines. All courses are taught in English, another characteristic that distinguishes the programme from similar ones offered in other Italian and European Universities.

The programme aims to provide students with those multidisciplinary tools and competences indispensable for a broad-based understanding of economic, legal, political and social transformations in the European and international contexts. Particular emphasis is given to teaching the tools and skills necessary for the analysis of: the interaction of individual and collective actors both within European and international institutions; the functioning of European and international economic, legal, political and social systems; European and international systems of governance. The MEIS programme attaches great importance to foreign languages which are an essential prerequisite for the development of effective communication skills. Taught courses, language workshops and tutoring activities contribute to developing advanced English language communication skills and develop a working knowledge of at least one additional foreign language (in addition to a basic knowledge of Italian).

Alongside the taught courses the School runs a rich series of guest lectures, seminars and talks held by visiting professors of international standing and by professional practitioners working in distinguished international organizations. MEIS students are encouraged to participate in these and the many events organised at the School, including conferences, debates, careers talks and fairs and workshops held by practitioners.

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