Graduation – Procedures for the final exam and time schedule

120 ECTS, including those for the final exam, are needed to graduate.

To be admitted to graduation students must have acquired all the credits except for those of the thesis and possibly those of the internship. The latter are in any case to be obtained at least a week before the date of the final exam.

The final exam consists of the defence of a thesis written in English under the guidance of a supervisor, chosen among the teaching professors of UNITN, on a topic that is consistent with the content of the Master’s programme. The supervisor will monitor and support the student's activities, providing feed-back on the suitability of the dissertation to be discussed, as well as on its originality

The Master thesis has a double educational value. On the one hand, it allows to evaluate the student’s learning outcomes as applied to an area of Human-Computer Interaction via an empirical or theoretical research; on the other hand, it allow to evaluate the student’s level of autonomy in planning, writing, and discussing a scientific text.

Two types of thesis are accepted:

  • A thesis reporting an in-depth review of the literature about a topic relevant to the field of study. The review must be accurate, organized, and comprehensive as it should allow evaluating the student’s critical skills and capabilities for autonomous intellectual work.
  • A thesis reporting novel empirical/experimental, simulative, and/or theoretical work. The thesis will include an in-depth analysis of the existing literature on the topic and (a) the definition of the research question, the description of methods and results, and a discussion of the findings (empirical/experimental and simulative theses), and (b) the theoretical proposal and its implications (theoretical thesis).

The final exam Committee will evaluate the thesis and the discussion on a scale from 66 (sufficient) to 110 (excellent), with the possibility of awarding the “cum laude”.

Further information about the final exam Committee, score system, evaluation thesis can be found in Regolamento prova finale HCI, artt. 6, 7, 8 (see the Box download)  


Application and deadlines

Dissertation/final exam calendar and deadlines are published at Infostudenti - Graduation a.y. 2019/2020

Within the first deadline the student will fill in the ‘AlmaLaurea Questionnaire’ and upload the pdf receipt ‘AlmaLaurea’; will fill in the ‘Placement Questionnaire’; will declare whether he/she allows free consultation of the copy of his/her thesis stored at the University Library; will upload the file Thesis title declaration form (see the Box download). The final title of the thesis, previously agreed upon with the supervisor, has to be specified in the application.

Within the second deadline the student will complete the application by uploading the pdf/A file of the thesis and, in case of a thesis reporting empirical/experimental, simulative, and/or theoretical work, will send a significant summary of the thesis to the Didactic administration office/Ufficio Supporto Didattica at supportodidatticarovereto [at] (supportodidatticarovereto@unitn.i)t. In order to avoid delays in the handling of applications, students should check that the title of their thesis indicated in the application match that of the uploaded pdf file of the thesis. Failing to upload the thesis within the allotted time prevents students from graduating in that session.

A graduation fee is due at the time of the application for the graduation session.

Students who do not graduate in the session they applied for, will send an e-mail to the Student administration office/Ufficio Supporto Studenti at supportostudentirovereto [at] from their institutional e-mail address. The Student administration office will cancel the student’s current application and this will allow him/her to apply for a forthcoming session for an additional fee.


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