The Master programme foresees 18 University credits of internship activities, as described in the Internship regulations ("Regolamento delle attività di Tirocinio formativo e di orientamento - tipologia F") available in Italian only.

For any doubts please contact the Master Staff.

application/pdfRegolamento attività di tirocinio Taf F(PDF | 110 KB)

Students can achieve the internship credits in one of the following ways.

External internship

Internship take place in a company, center or institute outside the University, in Italy.

The stage and internship opportunities, the instructions for presenting the project and the procedures (how to activate the internship) are managed by the JobGuidance Office and all the information is published at page Internship and work placement opportunities

Internal internship

Internship take places in structures of the University of Trento.

A list of teachers who welcome trainees from Master in Human Computer Interaction and the number of places per teacher is available as attachment in Italian only.

To start and carry out the internship you have to send the following forms and their attachments to the Student support, email supportostudentirovereto [at]

  • before starting the internship, the MHCI Internal internship preliminary form
  • at the end of the internship, the MHCI Internal internship completion form.

Traineship abroad

Traineship abroad takes place as part of International mobility programs - Traineship abroad.

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