All students enrolled in the Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management must be proficient in personal productivity IT applications. For this reason, they will have to sit:

  • the computer science test
  • an ECDL Full test; or the ECDL exam (Full)

Computer science test

In the first year of study (or within September of the year following enrolment), students must prove that they have sufficient knowledge in the 4 basic ECDL modules:

  • Computer basics and file management
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • IT networks

Please note that you must pass the computer science test in order to sit second-year exams.

ECDL Full test or exam

Students will increase their knowledge during the programme of study with the remaining 3 modules in order to achieve the ECDL Full 7 level:

  • Basic concepts in IT
  • Databases
  • Presentation

There are two options to take the test, both authorised by the Department:

  • you can sit a free-of-charge test but you will not receive a certificate (please note that from this year "Aula01" replaced "Kplace");
  • you can sit the ECLD test (there is a fee to pay and you will receive an ECDL Accredia certificate).

To take the test you are required to register for one of the test sessions organized by the University's ECDL Test Center.

If you already have an ECLD certificate you can have it approved: follow the guidelines on the ECDL page.



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1 Luglio 2020